July 22, 2015


The landscape of outdoor recreation in eastern Iowa could rapidly change.

A new white-water course on the Maquoketa River in Manchester celebrated a "soft opening" recently. Other communities are now looking to get in on the current trend.

"What this shows is what's possible," said Ty Graham, of Recreation Engineering and Planning, a company based in Boulder, Colo., that designs white-water courses.

"If you have an example in front of you, that really opens up the vision," Graham added.



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July 10, 2015

Check out this footage that Larry Taylor shot from his drone.  This was on Nolan Creek in Belton, Texas on the 4th of July. 




Meghan, 5, Kendall, 12, and Ella Washburn, 9, with friends Parker, 9, Austin, 12, and Morgan Madsen, link up tubes to go down the chute Monday on Nolan Creek in Belton.




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June 1, 2015

Avery Stonich from Roots Rated knows what's up.  Check out this great article on 8 of the best white water parks in the country. Featuring REP parks across the nation.

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May 19, 2015

KMCH reports on the opening of Manchester's  hottest place to be roght now.


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May 15, 2015

Gary Lacy lead engineer and founder of Boulder, Colorado’s Recreation Engineering and Planning (REP), has seen the development and growth of Whitewater Parks since he founded his engineering firm in the early 1980’s. “In the early days,” says Lacy from his office along the Whitewater Park he built on Boulder Creek, “town planners thought we were crazy and that you should put fences around rivers to keep kids from drowning….communities just turned their backs to their rivers.”

May 11, 2015

Canoe&Kayak agree with the town locals that Charles City, Iowa is one of the best paddling towns in the USofA.  Come see for yourself.


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May 6, 2015


Surfing waves in rivers is not a new phenomenon.  Landlocked surfers have been surfing river waves or “standing” waves in places like the Snake River in Jackson, Wyoming or the Eisbach Canal in Munich, Germany for 20-30 years.  Many other locations in North America as diverse as Montreal, Quebec or Missoula, Montana, boast thriving river surfing destinations.

Today the development of Whitewater Parks has led to an expansion of river surfing.  While hardly mainstream, river surfing is now possible in places that were never previously thought of as surfing destinations.  With standing waves, the wave is uniform for indefinite periods of time, meaning no battling salty locals for s...

July 29, 2010

On Saturday, Iowa’s Maquoketa River washed away Lake Delhi dam, flooding some 50 homes and 20 businesses. It’s not surprising that an 83-year-old dam broke in a flood, but it's a symptom of a bigger problem: America's aging infrastructure.

The average age of America’s 86,000 dams is 51, and the estimated price to repair just the high-hazard dams, or those near homes, is a staggering $16 billion. Don’t expect that investment to be made anytime soon (things like wars and unruly banks are demanding more of Washington’s attention), but until it is, more dams will break.

One solution rightly being championed by enviros-- American Whitewater, Save Our Wild Salmon, American Rivers--is to purge old an...

June 16, 2010

SALIDA — While the raging runoff of many Colorado rivers has sent several residents scurrying for higher ground in recent weeks, the blast of snowmelt swell has had the opposite effect on big-water wave hunters in the state.

Near-record river flows that appeared like a surging tide almost overnight have combined with an assortment of new man-made whitewater "wave features" to create a freshwater surfer's dream.

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February 28, 2006

I’d been in downtown Reno for no more than 15 minutes when I saw world freestyle champion Eric Jackson shouting encouragement to his 16-year-old daughter, Emily, as she was throwing down in the whitewater park.

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April 10, 2005

After eight years of planning, prodding and praying, on May 7, paddlers in Pueblo, Colorado, will formally open their new downtown kayak park.


The Pueblo whitewater park, which has not yet been formally named, is part of a larger renovation along the city’s riverfront. It consists of eight drops separated by large pools over hafl a mile. Workers finished constructing the kayak park in mid-March and kayakers were testing the waves before the dust settled.

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